Genesis is chock-full of some of the Bible's most exciting stories. From Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to Joseph's reunion with his family. Do you ever wonder if God really did create the world in seven days? What's the deal with Cain and Abel anyway? And just how big was that boat Noah built?

Start at the beginning with Pastor Skip Heitzig and the accounts on which the rest of Scripture is built: the creation of the world, the fall of mankind, and God's establishment of the history of the nation of Israel. Follow along and learn not just the origins of man, but also the origins of God's plan for redemption.

Understanding the book of Genesis is crucial to understanding the rest of the Bible. And it all starts in the beginning.


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Skip Heitzig, author of The Bible from 30,000 Feet, is pastor-teacher of Calvary Church, ministering to more than 15,000 people weekly. He holds a DD and PhD from Trinity Southwest University and has a popular multimedia teaching ministry that includes print, audio, and online resources. Skip and his wife, Lenya, reside in New Mexico and have one son and two grandchildren.

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